We stick to deadlines. To achieve this, we have to pull out all the stops. Applying Lean Construction Management on site has had a remarkable effect on the way we work: it has optimised our installation procedures, improved the quality of our workmanship, and given us greater certainty for our schedule and budget.

Great work begins with great plans, and during the preparatory phase of construction we ensure that our plans are always made in cooperation with the project’s various stakeholders. When construction starts, we make sure that the project’s individual tasks are dealt with on time, and that they fulfil our client’s trade, budget and time expectations. To regularly monitor the project’s overall progress, we always start our weeks with a review of our work to date, and we hold morning stand-up meetings daily. Through value-driven processes and efficient communication, we create the optimal surroundings for the site team to focus on their work and achieve outstanding results.


  • holistic examination of planning and implementation processes

  • aligned working structure across all trades throughout the entire construction process

  • detecting and preventing all types of waste

  • continuously making improvements during the construction project

  • ensuring foresighted task management to achieve a continuous flow of production according to the Last Planner® system


  • transparency for the customers at all times during the construction process

  • client-oriented, value generating process

  • guarantee of the best work result possible

  • adherence to agreed costs and schedule

  • enhanced logistics due to a streamlined material flow

  • stabilised operational procedures to improve effectiveness


  • common planning session with all participants at the project’s inception

  • visualisation of the construction process

  • weekly reviews and daily huddle meetings

  • management of site logistics, deadlines, budget and quality

  • support from planning to billing

  • kick-off meeting and introduction to lean construction management principles for all stakeholders

  • on-site consultation with the construction team