Dry Linings


EFTCG dry lining comprises space-bounding fit-out work for wall, ceiling and floor contructions that are installed or further processed in dry construction. The entire range includes ceiling claddings and  suspended ceilings in plane, segmented or vaulted, jointless or unitised implementation as well as  wall claddings, facing panels all the way to partition and installation walls with single or multiple-sheet panelling. Additional installations such as claddings, coverings and compartments, ventilation outlets, inspection hatches and frames complete the service range. The implementation of constructional requirements for heat, cold, fire, moisture and radiation protection also offers the planner (within the sector Dry Lining Construction) a large degree of design flexibility. In addition to our own products,  third-party products from leading manufacturers are also processed within the dry lining Construction sector. Longstanding partnership with the gypsum industry as well as with reputable testing institutes allow us to resort to a broad range of know-how.

individual and object-specific special solutions
many years of experience in dry lining constructions
own  training program for our dry lining installers
broad range of know-how
fulfilling of high constructional requirements
high degree of design flexibility
longstanding partnership with the gypsum industry and - with reputable testing institutes